Memento accepts applications in the following three forms:


1. An essay proposal alongside a writing sample.

2. An essay that was written for a course alongside a proposal regarding the ways in which they intend on expanding the essay.

3. A completed essay.

Upload your essay or writing sample here
(Optional) Upload your proposal here

Your submission has been recieved

If accepted by the Editorial Board, writers will thereupon meet with Memento’s Managing Editors to preliminarily discuss expectations, next steps, and a timeline for the essay. With a clear direction for their essay, writers will then proceed to write, revise, and/or expand the essay. Writers will, throughout this stage of the process, work collaboratively with Managing and Associate Editors to ensure that the essay meets all the guidelines. Managing Editors will then review the essay again and either return it to writers for further revisions or approve it to be published.


This process is systematically outlined in this chart.


If you have any questions concerning the submissions process, please e-mail our Editor-in-Chief, Kamren Khan, at